The Creators

Jacob Wright ( and Derek Andriesian created the service. Derek has since moved on to other things but I continue pushing MyStickies to better help us organize and remember.

The Creation

MyStickies was originally Derek's idea. He reads a lot of blogs and has a knack for forgetting where he read something he really liked. He mentioned it would be really cool to be able to put sticky notes on your web pages. After discussing it with me a bit, I was convinced that the idea was not something only Derek would want. I offered the name of MyStickies to Derek for approval and the domain name was purchased quickly. We began planning and prototyping.

There were many changes along the way to make MyStickies as useful as possible. The browser extension became the favored method as it would allow for a user to get their notes instantaneously without needing to load up a bookmarklet on every page. A web-based account was decided on so that we might use and access our notes from our computer, our buddy's computer, the public library's computer, or anywhere we went. It will also allow us to share notes with others eventually.

The two of us worked on it part-time, starting a few things over a few times to get things right. Finally we felt it was good enough to launch January 20, 2006. I've continued to work on it part-time, hoping to help others better organize and remember.